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  • Best Moment of 2006 NCAA Football Season?
    Boise State's hook and ladder play to tie up the Fiesta Bowl
    Boise State's Statue of Liberty play to win the Fiesta Bowl
    BYU's John Beck tosses TD pass as time expires to beat Utah
    Marlon Wood's last second Hail Mary TD catch to take Washington into overtime with Cal
    Oregon State's Jeff Van Orsow bats down 2-pt conversion to beat USC
    Joe Paterno's diarrhea run
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It's very exiting to find this site. I don't have much to add to the conversation, but I'm right here with you. Your post said exactly what I have been thinking. Good to see you posting.

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plished anything this year, he has made himself the most identifiable enemy of Mormons in college football.

Consider the actions and probable motivations of his Arizona Wildcats just this season:

On a last second field goal Arizona defeats Brigham Young University in the

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It goes without saying that Steve was and still is infinitely and incomparably more important than anything that ever happens to the Oregon Ducks. But we graft emotions about the important stuff in life, stuff we couldn’t ordinarily find voice to express, into the rise and fall of the sports teams we support.

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i'll guess the mormoms feel like somebody & someone are they enemy, i think they're a bunch of short-sighted people!


Arizona was is where all banished Mormons go. Credit doesn't belong with Stoop-id. It does belong to the losers who let a crappy sub-par AZ team beat them.

As for the conspiracy theory ... leave that to the real religious right: The Divinci-ites.


God will strike you down. Mike Stoops populates the seventh circle of Hell where he runs speed drills for damned smart asses.

Stoops will banish the Devils amongst us.

Ghost of Sam Keller

MWC Champ and nationally ranked BYU - W
Nationally ranked Wazzu on the road - W
BCS title Contender Cal - Berkley - W
High-powered Oregon @ Autzen - BIG W

Get ready for an beating you wont forget on Saturday, azz-demon!


giving Stoops way too much credit.

he's just a shitty coach who gets lucky sometimes.

but all that screaming is demonic, so i vote satan backscrubber.

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