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  • Best Moment of 2006 NCAA Football Season?
    Boise State's hook and ladder play to tie up the Fiesta Bowl
    Boise State's Statue of Liberty play to win the Fiesta Bowl
    BYU's John Beck tosses TD pass as time expires to beat Utah
    Marlon Wood's last second Hail Mary TD catch to take Washington into overtime with Cal
    Oregon State's Jeff Van Orsow bats down 2-pt conversion to beat USC
    Joe Paterno's diarrhea run
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Love the blog.. I'll never get over Trafalis' "gaff" in the closing seconds. Yep, we would have won it if he ran the damn pigskin. Those Boise fans were awful quiet in the stands. They hadn't expected such a hard fought contest from da Spartans. We'll be back! Go Commuter U.!
P.S. We had some wild parties back at SJSU in my day that might make a Bronc red in the face!

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