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  • Best Moment of 2006 NCAA Football Season?
    Boise State's hook and ladder play to tie up the Fiesta Bowl
    Boise State's Statue of Liberty play to win the Fiesta Bowl
    BYU's John Beck tosses TD pass as time expires to beat Utah
    Marlon Wood's last second Hail Mary TD catch to take Washington into overtime with Cal
    Oregon State's Jeff Van Orsow bats down 2-pt conversion to beat USC
    Joe Paterno's diarrhea run
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In point of fact, on that weekend that Cal played Portland State there were a few prominent and potential BCS contending teams playing Div. 1AA patsies.

South Carolina v. Wofford
Penn State v. Youngstown State
North Carolina v. Furman

And you also had Cal's favorite WAC-a-mole New Mexico State playing Texas Southern
and SMU v. Sam Houston State.

Of course, all of these games were home games to the Div.1A bullies, but with a BCS penalty in place more teams would miraculously find room in their schedules for more quality opponents. Doncha think?


Wait: So Cal should be elimiated because Louisiana Tech bailed on them at the last minute, thanks in part to Hurricane Katrina? And the only team they could scramble to find is I-AA Portland State?

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