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In the US Military, if an officer fucks something up like these Officers did, stranding a unit in enemy territory, refusing a CH47 liftout for the albatross broken HMMMWV they were towing, yes, they are petrified about their incompetence leaking out. A mistake like this means they lose their careers, their jobs, and that is a very, very big deal to a career military officer. Hint- their entire professional lives and ethos are invested in being selected for the right jobs, and that got in the way of these misguided SOB colonels telling the truth.

Pat's brother, Kevin, was in the same small group. If you think he would put up with someone killing his brother intentionally, you are wrong.

You people don't understand the fog of war. You don't understand that the deepest emotional relationship a man can have is with those he serves with under fire. There is no fucking "Ranger code of silence". Kevin Tillman testified before congress already.

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